Since inception, IMPACT has promoted a culture of transparency, not only within its corporate office, but throughout its candidate, consultant, client, employee, and vendor population. As a company that prides itself on its direct, honest, and ethical approach, IMPACT is able to treat all parties in its ecosystem in a forthright manner.


Not only does IMPACT treat its candidate, consultant, client, employee, and vendor populations with the utmost dignity and respect, it broadens the concept of respect. IMPACT respects and values differing opinions, thoughts, and practices, as well as does it best to incorporate those into its culture. Beyond this, IMPACT shows the ultimate respect for its team by advancing an employee first approach that allows the employee to put his/her family and personal interests in front of those of the company.


IMPACT values persistence, hard work, and diligence from all parties with whom it chooses to work. By cultivating a culture that stresses the importance of exceeding candidate, consultant, client, employee, and vendor expectations, IMPACT’s employees operate with the best interest of all parties in mind until successful completion of the outlined goal.


Teamwork within its corporate staff is apparent in everything that IMPACT does; however, by promoting this value throughout its other stakeholders, IMPACT is able to garner support from parties with disparate interests. It then ties these interests into a cohesive solution that benefits all parties.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity

While diversity is important in its consultant and employee population, IMPACT goes a step further and ensures that the principle of diversity extends to its candidate and vendor community. Beyond this, IMPACT fosters an environment of inclusion, as well as takes necessary steps to ensure that strict policies regarding equity, particularly with respect to pay and promotion, are furthered.

Ethical Behavior

IMPACT places extraordinary importance on ethical behavior and expects those with whom it works to comport themselves in the highest ethical manner. Additionally, IMPACT requires that its employees to do what is best and “right” for its candidates, consultants, clients, and vendors, even if it is to the detriment of the company.

Focus & Service

By choosing to only work with those that share its values, IMPACT is able to focus on providing exceptional service to its candidates, consultants, and clients. Moreover, its consultative approach, recruiter skillset alignment methodology, staff tenure, and various other factors allow IMPACT to provide a “white glove” experience to those with which it works.

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